God had called Saul to be king and had now sent him on a divine mission to exterminate King Agag and all his folks.  Saul attacked and also spared the best

How often have we been guilty of sparing what seems to us to be precious, personal or indulgent to us from being put to death through our consecration?

Saul, at first seemed to thing that PARTIAL OBEDIENCE counted to God for TOTAL OBEDIENCE … as if zeal can replace obedience or personal dictates carry any weight with the Almighty.  While Saul did attack and destroy much, he also became guilty of fearing the people and doing in his own mind what they felt was enough.

I often read the rebuke of Samuel and see so much of me there.  I am willing to cut off some things, but when they get very close to my own preferences, I seem to MAKE  ALLOWANCES.  How about you?  Most of us are prepared to obey up to a point and there we stay.  We seem to draw a line and refuse further obedience, usually saying, “This is just too much to give up….”

I am calling upon all of us to EXAMINE just where our personal consecration stops.  What do we allow in our lives that will shortly take its toll on our spiritual walk?  God apparently did not accept partial obedience as satisfactory and in fact the kingdom was give to David over the situation. 

0God had weighed these people in His scales and said, “I do not want them to stay around My people and influence them into LESSER LIVING.”  Amalek was from the stock of Esau, which reveals the flesh connection, which will always fight our spiritual drives and desires.

We all must HONESTLY look at our own condoning sins and attack them and destroy whatever we are indulging, which displeases God and brings us down.  Saul perished by the very hand of the thing he refused to destroy, and this has been written for our admonishing.  TAKE  HEED, Please.


~ Rev. Jeff Arnold

Five More Minutes – Book Two (162)

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