~Written by Rev. Jeff Arnold

      We all know, and I’m sure we believe, that when our LORD JESUS told us Satan was a LIAR, that we were supposed to believe JESUS and be aware that our enemy would continue to be one.

      Many times all of us seem to think WE NEED NOT BOTHER OUR LORD with this or .  .  .   IT IS JUST TOO LATE OR BAD . . . The above wording flows from the story of JARIUS and his DYING DAUGHTER and the fact that JESUS had been delayed with the HEALING OF THE WOMAN WITH THE ISSUE OF BLOOD.

      On the way to help the situation with THE SICK DYING CHILD, this woman had touched His garment and was healed, but an interview and confession followed which delayed JESUS.  During the delay, people from JARIUS’ home arrived to inform them that the child had died and told JARIUS NOT TO BOTHER THE MASTER ANY FURTHER, DEATH HAD TAKEN THE CHILD . . .

      Hell loves to come to us with those same words, “IT IS TOO LATE . . . IT IS JUST TOO TERRIBLE . . .   THE SITUATION HAS GONE TOO FAR . . . DO NOT BOTHER JESUS.”

     PLEASE hear me, JESUS NEVER FEELS WE BOTHER HIM as we SEEK HIS HELP.  It is our adversary that loves to inject these words, “DO NOT BOTHER THE MASTER NOW, THE TIME IT PAST.” 

     LIAR, LIAR, you have been well named.  IT IS NEVER TOO LATE with JESUS.  He can stop any situation… reverse anything…can create whatever needs creating.  DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIAR.

      I realize FACTS LOVE TO FIGHT FAITH, but they are no match FOR THE TRUTH and TRUTH SETS FREE.  We must not allow our FAITH to be ruptured, railed on or ruined because the thing we desired or prayed for has not come to pass or the situation has become worse.  GOD is NOT a LIAR.  He will do what HE HAS PROMISED and we are to fulfill our own end of the bargain if we will experience the desired results.  “If my people” is the requirement for “then I WILL.”  Nothing less is acceptable.

      We must not be defeated or even distracted by THE LIAR.  Asking and believing our LORD JESUS is NEVER a BOTHER and it is NEVER TOO LATE to ask and believe,  KEEP  ASKING. . . .

            Five More Minutes – Volume Two (145)

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