~Written by Rev. Jeff Arnold


I know my title seems somewhat unusual, but as I thought about our GREAT GOD and just what HE has used all through time to accomplish HIS WORKS,  I must admit:  HE IS LORD OF MESSED UP FOLKS, to say the least. 


Most companies, who wish to hire folks, are somewhat concerned with

  • education levels
  • any other special skills one might possess
  • how long that person worked somewhere else

… and various other issues fall into place as well.  They want to know about various health problems you might have, for the new employer does not want to hire someone who just might be a  LIABILITY.  Sports teams usually do the same thing:  they want potential and the brains to go along with the body.


But, just think about OUR GREAT GOD.  He KNOWS all about us, has been watching us since we first arrived, has studied each and every flaw. 

HE seems to be unbothered by

  • various shortcomings
  • repeated mess ups
  • character flaws that flare up with regularity
  • and attitudes that sure need help.


YET GOD LOVES US SO and KNOWS that HE has everything we need to become EVERYTHING HE WANTS US TO BECOME.  So whatever messes we arrive with, TO HIM, IT IS NO BIG DEAL.  HE has so much GRACE to give to us, our disgrace doesn’t count.

What counts is HIS BLOOD . . . HIS SPIRIT . . . AND HIS POWER TO HELP.


I am very glad that MESSED UP FOLKS are the very material that become RAW MATERIALS fit for the MASTER’S USE.  HE really does not need ANYTHING we seem to have.  All HE needs for us to PLEASE HIM is to let HIM have all the mess and leave the rest to HIM.


Our present generation has made such a big deal over DYSFUNCTION that it has become an EXCUSE for bad antics, terrible crime, and JUSTIFICATION for just about anything.  God uses our messes to create MIRACLES and then puts us on DISPLAY for a lost world to check out, for HE then receives all the credit.  It is time to PRAISE HIM for that. . .


Five More Minutes –  Volume Two (56)

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