All of us want to be winners at the game of life, but sometimes we make the mistake in THINKING THAT LIFE IS A GAME and nothing could be further from the truth.  This thing called life is anything but a game, for after death we continue to exist in spirit form.  The Bible says, after death, then the judgment.    Another writer says, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.”  Another writer tells us that some men’s sin, go before them and others have their sins following them.

I have seen the bumper sticker that says, “He that dies with the most toys wins.”   What a TERRIBLE LIE hell has hatched with those words.  The Lord Jesus tells us that life consists not in the abundance of the things we possess, regarding the material world. 

The real truth is that to lose our soul and win the world means we are big losers.  The Lord said that the world itself compared to the worth of our souls would not be a fair exchange. 

Oh, that God would help each of us to get the proper scales with which to measure life with.  Better to be a pauper and rich in Spirit and Truth than to own most of the world and be bankrupt in your spiritual bank account. 

To win ETERNAL LIFE makes any and all the real winners and we must fight against the perverted concepts the world around us constantly spews out through the printed page, radio, or television.

To be born again, to be in the Kingdom of God, to put the Lord Jesus first and serve His pleasures will make us wise through the world looks with disdain upon our so-called stupidity. 

TO BE LIKE JESUS CHRIST is the finest wisdom and glory to be had.  And when this world has fallen into eternal punishing, the REDEEMED will be the new owners of it all:  THE  REAL  WINNERS.


~ Rev. Jeff Arnold

Five More Minutes – Book Two (73)

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