‘Tis The Season To Be
Written by Rev. Jeff Arnold
That great time of year has once again arrived…..with all it’s songs, parties, gift buying, special desserts, goodies and above all the DANGER OF MISSING THE REASON FOR IT!
I hope you will not write me off as some old pain who doesn’t like CHRISTMAS. I feel the need to sound a warning during this wonderful holiday season we are now entering.
I do thank God for His coming into this world to do battle with my enemy and for giving His life on Calvary to set me free. My concern is that we will be swept down the river by money mongrels of sales and advertising so that we not only miss the reason for the season, but inadvertently, WE CHEAPEN CHRISTMAS by making it a CELEBRATION of something it was never intended to be.
This should be a grand time to reflect how good God has been to all of us. How much we have failed to do, in light of His Mercy and Grace - and a time to set our PRIORITIES afresh.
If this time is the BIRTHDAY BASH FOR JESUS, what are you really planning to give HIM seeing it is HIS GREAT BIRTHDAY PARTY? You would not attend a party in one’s honor and then only bring a gift for yourself or worse, someone else who is not the BIRTHDAY CHILD.
I hope you will consider giving something into the WORK OF GOD this season. Maybe something grand - like more of yourself. I am very glad that God has been good to all of us. I just feel I must warn all of us that it seems very easy to get lost in the COMMERCIALISM and miss THE CHRIST of the CHRISTMAS.
I pray that all of us will take some extra time - in the midst of the madness - to read the Biblical story again. Take time to reflect on it and the impact it has had in your life. Then give whatever gifts, etc. you wish, with a fresh appreciation for HIS COMING TO THE WORLD.
~ Written by Rev. Jeff Arnold
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