Jesus was reclining in a house surrounded by followers.  They had been doing ministry when this strange lady burst into the house and upset the whole situation.  She BROKE HER ALABASTER JAR and poured out upon Him the very costly perfume and anointed His body for the upcoming burial.

The folks watching - took up the CRITICIZING of HER ACTIONS AS A WASTE . . . BUT Jesus defended her and ascribed what she had done as BEAUTIFUL and it would go around the world along with the Gospel.  What they felt was a waste, HE thought was worship and very wonderful

How many times have folks around us voted for our dancing, shouting, clapping, weeping, or whatever as such a waste, while the self-things they do, are very smart and right.

I know beyond any doubt, each and every one of us has UNTOLD WORTH TO GOD, but without our pleasing God we could be considered by Jesus to just be a big waste.  We know that HE GAVE HIS BEST for our own salvation and future . . . but I fear that many of us simply refuse to even consider giving Him OUR BEST. 

We spend our time and money on all sorts of things that never give OUR VERY BEST TO HIM and HIS CAUSE. 

What good will our learning be, our sermons, our homes, our degrees, our talents if they do not have JESUS AT THE HEAD of them?  We are told to glorify God in everything, exalt Jesus first and foremost.  Nothing done in the place of this will ever count on His scales.  I do not want Jesus to look at my life and in His eyes say that my life has been a big waste.

I wonder what could be done here if many would at least INCLUDE Jesus in their plans, money and church activities.  How many just show up Sunday and then go their merry way with a smug smile saying, “You have saved my soul, but please keep your hands off my life and time.  I will direct my steps, thank you.”

Would Jesus consider your life a waste?  Think about it . . .


~ Written by Rev. Jeff Arnold

Five More Minutes – Volume 2 (168)

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