In order to release faith, you release human will.  You must fight your fear.  And some of you right now are tormented by fear, not because you’re spiritual jerks, or little babies.  Not so, it’s because you have not been taught to fight! 

You think those of us that live some type of measure of a victorious life are some kind of spiritual giants?  We are not!  We are people who just say,

  • No, I’m gonna fight the good fight of faith.
  • I’m gonna lay hold of eternal life.
  • I’m not gonna let this thing torment me.
  • I’m not a dog to let this thing jerk at my neck.
  • I’ve got righteousness, I’ve got holiness, I’ve got power and I’ve got authority.

It doesn’t matter what I feel, “what time I am afraid I will trust in thee.”  You gotta do it!

You’ve got the Holy Ghost, you’re not supposed to live in fear and anxiety and torment. You’re not! 

God is real, and the Word of God is real. 

You are greatly loved by God, and God does not want you to be tormented, but to have peace.

It’s not just gonna come to you, it’s not gonna happen just because you quote scripture. 

You gotta fight!  If you don’t battle, you lose!  Everything in nature that ceases to struggle, ceases. 

How much more everything in the spiritual realm that ceases to struggle, ceases to live?


~ Rev. Jeff Arnold

Free From Fear

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