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Hearing The Voice Of God  (Book $20 - 346 Pages)

Hearing The Voice Of God (Book $20 - 346 Pages)

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"The greatest need in our lives is to be able to hear the Voice Of God"         Rev. Jeff Arnold

"We, meaning the United Pentecostal Church, have built an organization that thinks hearing the Voice of God means memorizing the Bible.  It isn't the same thing.

Now, I am not in any way saying "knowing" the Word of God is foolish....Oh no!  We need to know all of the Word we can and this is the reason why:  If you know that Word when you hear His Voice, then His Voice isn't going to contradict that Word.

That Is The Rule  . . .  The Masterpiece  . . .  The Absolute"

Note:  This book and series was created from 13 nights of sermons. 

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