Expectation Is The Birthplace Of The Miraculous!

Collection: Most Requested Sermons # 3 - MR3

Titles of Sermons

  • Living In A Humpty Dumpty World
  • What Holiness Is and Is Not
  • The Awesome Power Of Your Words
  • From Crazy To Converted With A Look
  • Delay Is Not Denial
  • The Time To Reverse The Curse
  • Loved By A Love That Won't Let Me Go
  • A God Who Said, "Let Me Be Your Neighbor"
  • Just A Thought
  • The Anointing Is The Answer
  • The Thief That Stole Heaven
  • When Being Cool Ain't Cool
  • Squeezed, But Not Squashed
  • Your Failures Are NOT Final
  • Stones That Have A Story
  • Living On The Right Side Of The Rumor

These sermons can be order individually (MP3, CD. or DVD)

They can also be ordered in CD or DVD Binders: 

     MR3 - Sermons #1 - #16

     MR3A - Sermons #1 - #8

     MR3B - Sermons #9 - #16

They are also available in Cassette Binder - MR3 Sermons #1 - #16  for our senior saint friends who still have cassette players.

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