~Written by Rev. Jeff Arnold

When Moses had died and God had buried him, Joshua was called to assume the great work of possessing the Promised Land. I imagine that he must have felt quite a load upon his very capable shoulders as he was compelled and commanded to step into MOSES’ POSITION. When anyone has been under capable leadership for some time, a sense of well-being and security develops. But, when that person is suddenly taken away, there comes such a sense of overwhelming insecurity and concern.

I believe that is one reason that GOD told Joshua, “AS I WAS WITH MOSES, SO SHALL I BE WITH THEE.” The MAN OF GOD, MOSES, was now gone, but the GOD OF THEE.” The MAN OF GOD, MOSES, was now gone, but the GOD OF MOSES had gone nowhere, and promised to work with and through Joshua.

It is to yours truly a very great comfort I can count on the GREAT LORD to CONTINUE to work with us when we are challenged by NEW TERRITORIES and VARIOUS OBSTACLES. Often I have read and re-read the promise of JESUS, “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS,” that is such a relief to me.

I must have God to work with me in the days ahead, we as a CHURCH must be able to count on THE GOD OF THE APOSTLES to continue HIS WONDER WORKING POWER so that we can REPRESENT HIM in the proper light.

The church began with GREAT POWER, MIGHTY SIGNS AND WONDERS and surely, nothing less will get the job done. I, for one, am seeking HIS FACE DAILY with a FRESH DETERMINATION AND DEEP DESPERATION for a display of OLD-TIME POWER.

I refuse to accept what is now, as GOD ORDAINED NORMALITY, for what has begun IN THE SPIRIT must NOT finish IN THE FLESH. PLEASE PRAY in your own way for GOD TO RESTORE TO US ALL THAT HAS CEASED TO BE OPERATING AMONG US, so that we can BE ALL HE INTENDED and our world may finally BE CONFRONTED WITH TRUE CHRISTIANITY.

I am calling upon all of you who deeply want to be FULL OF GOD, becoming SPIRITUALLY EMPOWERED, to take inventory honestly with your own lives.

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