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Experiencing A Turnaround (BOOK is $12 - 84 Pages)

Experiencing A Turnaround (BOOK is $12 - 84 Pages)

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Our flesh wants to lead us in the wrong direction - and the devil does not hesitate to tempt anyone, even the Son of God;  so we need to be cautious when we start down the paths we are given, and be certain of the roads we want to follow.

Sometimes our choices are not quite correct, so God's desire is for us to Experience A Turnaround, which will transform out lives, thoughts, ambitions and direction.

Follow Rev. Jeff Arnold in this book as he explores God's Word -   "... wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye."  Ezekiel 18:32 KJV

Note:  This book and series was created from 4 nights of sermons. 

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