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Jeff Arnold Ministries

Five More Minutes - Volume Two (Book $15 - 219 pages)

Five More Minutes - Volume Two (Book $15 - 219 pages)

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Rev. Jeff Arnold continues to minister in individual churches and conferences worldwide. One of his often heard statements from the pulpit is ...."I need five more minutes" we have called this book "Five More Minutes."

This book contains the articles written by Rev. Jeff Arnold while pastoring the Pentecostals of Gainesville.  These articles were published in the weekly Sunday bulletin.  They have been a blessing to the church family and we trust they will be a blessing and give words of encouragement to you the reader.

Some titles include:

  • The Blessing Of Our Storms
  • Have You Seen Him Whom My Soul Loveth?
  • The Main Thing Is Still Just Pleasing God
  • The Goal Is Greater Than Any Obsticle
  • A God Who Can Do All Things, Wont


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