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God Is Building Himself A House (Book $28 - 368 Pages)

God Is Building Himself A House (Book $28 - 368 Pages)

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Did God create us simply to remain as empty vessels?  Or is it God's intention for us to become His dwelling place?  Will we experience trials and tests, go thorugh processes of change and transformation, or will we simply not be challenged to fulfill God's plans?  

As transcribed directly from 16 nights of Spirit-lead preaching and teaching, Rev. Jeff Arnold (as only he can) explores God's grand intention for mankind.

God has always had a plan for HIs children beginning with Adam.  And His plan follows a long and winding thread that has been woven directly into the present-day church.

From Genesis through Revelation, the pages of this book will help you understand where, how, and why "God Is Building Himself A House."

 Note:  This book and series includes 16 nights of sermons.

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