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The Why & Wonder of Worship - Complete Set - Book One & Book Two (The Final Series) - SALE $39.00

The Why & Wonder of Worship - Complete Set - Book One & Book Two (The Final Series) - SALE $39.00

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When orignally preached, Rev. Jeff Arnold titled this series, "The Why & Wonder of Real Worship."  The "REAL" portion of that title is what this book is all about.

The table of contents expand the exhaustive study through the pages of this book.  It's not only about "why" we need to worship and God's desire for us to be worshippers.  Rev. Jeff Arnold also provides a look at the true wonders and blessings that are promised to us as we strive toward reaching Him.  God wants us all to be "Real" worshippers.


"Like an alabaster box, worship requires something to be broken.  Our problem is we build up outer resistance and a protective wall around our emotions, so that we won't be hurt or embarrassed.  But when you build that wall up, you and I can never truly express tenderness, love or honesty, because our society teaches against vulnerability, exposure and transparency.  And those are the very things that are at the core of the Kingdom of God!

In 24 nights of anointed preaching, Rev. Jeff Arnold revealed to his church the blessings of God for all who heard the why and the wonder.  

This book set consisting of Book One and Book Two (The Final Series) of  "The Why & Wonder Of Worship,"  will reach you in ways you've never experienced.

Note:  This book and series includes 24 nights of sermons. 

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